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Ep 103 The power of showing up messy, imperfect, and real

with Lani Jackson

I’m coming at you today with some hot tea in hand and a voice that is really raspy. But it’s intuitive because this week’s episode is all about the power of showing up messy and imperfect and real.

So let’s dive into this episode and talk about this whole thing of showing up when things aren’t perfect. 

I’ve been talking to so many women right now and myself included where we use the excuse of things not being perfect to not take action. 

Spoiler Alert: We don’t have to be perfect! Let me share with you why!

“Stop waiting for ‘it’! Make the most of the moment you are in now. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting.”

Discussed in this Episode...

Listen as Lani shares:

What are you waiting for?

  • Let me
    • Figure things out first
    • Get some stuff set I up in th background first
    • Get this last 5 pounds off before I get on camera
    • Clean up
    • Repaint my house before I take a picture
  • There’s always something you’re waiting for

Stop waiting for ‘it’

  • Stop waiting for
    • Friday
    • Summer
    • To fall in love
  • Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting
  • Make the most of a moment you are in now


If you are waiting

  • You are just using that as an excuse to not take action
  • It’s enabling you to stay where you are
  • Do you really want anything different?
    • It’s safer to say ‘Oh, I’m waiting for things to happen.’
  • You’ve got to stop waiting to be perfect


Stop waiting and make the most of the moment you are in now

  • We’re humans, so life is
    • Messy
    • Imperfect
  • Just show up
    • Real
    • Unfiltered
    • Authentic


Showing up real

  • Does not diminish the value of the content that you offer
  • Doesn’t mean you aren’t professional

What is keeping you from moving your business forward?

  • How you look?
  • Your mom bun?
  • Your shirt?

When you show up real

  • The relatability goes through the roof
  • You gain a relationship with your audience who
    • Are going through similar things
    • Feeling similar things as we are
  • It creates a whole new level of
    • Know
    • Trust
    • Like

Sometimes we aren’t where we want to be

  • Physically
  • Environmentally
  • Situationally


We can show up

  • Messy
  • Crazy
  • Authentic
  • To encourage people


Take that messy action

  • And just see what it does!
  • You’ll be surprised what can come out of
    • Messy
    • Imperfect
  • Embrace the power and possibilities without
    • The filters
    • The styling
    • The manipulation


I encourage you to

  • Show up
  • Take action
  • Embrace this moment
  • Find happiness
  • Find growth
  • Find the opportunity


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More about Lani:

Lani is a mom to 6 kids, and wife to her husband of 15 years. She survives on caffeine, laughing with her kids, cooking in the kitchen, hiding in the pantry eating chocolate, and helping other women know they are not alone in the chaos of motherhood & their entrepreneur journey.

She is a Clarity & Strategy Coach for mom entrepreneurs! Helping them to create flexible strategies that adjust and move with the chaos of mom life, but still bring consistent monthly income. Her mission is to help mompreneurs get out of survival mode, release the mom guilt, and create a clear plan of action that will help them reach their dreams of consistent monthly income, flexibility, and freedom.

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