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Ep. 119 How to market yourself without using Social Media with Leslie Stevens

with Lani Jackson

In this episode, Leslie Stevens, a branding and marketing strategist, shares her insights on making sales without relying on social media. Leslie emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections, having purposeful conversations, and collaborating with others to leverage their audiences. She explains how taking small, consistent actions, such as initiating two conversations daily, will foster meaningful connections and drive sales.

Leslie introduces the concept of the Client Connection Method, a training resource she offers for free. This method serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering individuals to navigate the sales landscape successfully by focusing on personal connections and purpose-driven communication.

For those seeking to break free from the social media mold and explore alternative avenues for sales success, Leslie’s insights and actionable advice provide a refreshing perspective on building a sustainable and meaningful business.

“Lean into our personalities and how we like to show up and what feels good to us and what is actually working.

That’s permission. It is beautiful. It really is. It took me time to be able to trust myself like that.

About Leslie

Leslie Stevens, is a branding and marketing strategist specializing in teaching service-based entrepreneurs how to get  to more clients without having to depend on social media. Through her signature Client Connection Method, Leslie combines design and sales psychology to help her clients convert strangers into clients quickly and easily. As the host of the podcast “Not an Influencer, an Impact Maker,” Leslie chats with fellow entrepreneurs, exploring alternative organic marketing strategies that have driven their business success. Leslie’s mission is to show other entrepreneurs that you do not need to be an influencer to have a successful online business.

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