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Ep. 117 Creating a plan to add $8k with a new offer: Live Coaching with Lani & Lauren Monique

with Lani Jackson

In this episode, you will hear a live coaching session I had with Lauren Monique on creating her Custom Cash Formula. The Custom Cash Formula involves determining the goal number, calculating the time available for offering services, deciding on the offer price, and setting sales and conversation goals.

Lauren, a mompreneur from Canada, has two sides to her business—one focused on coaching teachers and the other on consulting online expert business owners. Our discussion covers goal-setting, pricing strategy, and planning for sales calls and conversations to achieve her desired income. We also address concerns about networking efficiency and strategizing for meaningful connections at events.

Listen in as we go over the importance of setting intentions and having a positive energy when networking. We emphasize the value of making genuine connections, following up with contacts, and customizing business strategies to fit individual needs – which leads me to share about my program called “Empower to Profit M.O.R.E.” This program aims to provide support for implementing these practices in business for increased success and fulfillment.

We can connect with a lot of people, but if we don’t start the conversation or take the conversation to another level, it’s never going to get to the conversion point.

Because most people aren’t going to say, ‘I need to hire you right now.’

About Lauren

Lauren is a Canadian mom of 2 and founder of the Intentional Teaching program. She helps French teachers streamline their teaching so that they they feel organized and prepared for school without working evenings and weekends… and so they can truly enjoy their work! Lauren also provides consulting work for coaches and course creators. She helps online business owners streamline their systems and processes so they can grow their businesses in less time.

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