Check out these two FREE Tools to help you have a productive week!

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These two FREE tools to help you have a productive week are already at your disposal and ready to be used!

I was just talking to one of my coaching clients and we were discussing the two FREE tools they have at their disposal right now to help them have a productive week.

In fact, these tools are at the TOP of my list to use when I want to stay on task, complete a project, or motivate myself when my second cup coffee is just not cutting it…

You have already have these tools too.

Want to know what they are?

A timer and a friend.


Don’t roll your eyes at me, girl! I’m telling you, everyone I know who uses these tools on the regular swear by their effectiveness for completing that item on your to-do list that you feel like putting off or is taking up way too much of your time.

Here is how to use these two tools effectively:

The Timer.

  • Choose a task on your to-do list.
  • Estimate how much time you would like to spend time on or how much time you have available to spend time on it
  • Set timer
  • Focus in. Do the task. No phone, no email, no notifications until the timer rings.
  • Work to beat the clock
  • When timer rings, make note of how much you accomplished. (this is a great way to determine how much time a task will consistently take for you each week)
  • If you didn’t complete the task, take a 5 min break and reset the timer and make a note to give yourself a little more time the next time you have this task on your list.


Example: You need to write and send out an email newsletter to your subscribers. Estimated time it will take you – 30 min. Set timer for 30 min. and focus solely on beating your timer and thinking about nothing other than your newsletter. (if you do think of something important, then jot it down on a piece of paper and go back to that newsletter!)

The Friend.

  • Pick a friend who supports you (does not have to be a fellow entrepreneur. Just someone who knows you are a bad ass and want to get stuff done!)
  • Text. Marco. Voxer. Whatever is your fav way to communicate and tell them you are setting a timer to accomplish said task and that if you don’t check in with them by X-time then they should call you out on it.
  • Hit send on that message and WORK on that task
  • Check back in with friend and toot your horn, give a virtual high five, and celebrate one less thing on your to-do list
  • Repeat as necessary


Example: “Hey Liz, I’m sending you this Marco to tell you that I am setting my timer for 30 minutes and I am going to knock out my weekly newsletter before the timer rings. No need to respond right now. But if you don’t hear from me in 30 minutes that I am done, you have my permission to check in and give me a virtual kick in the butt. Okay. Thanks… BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

I know. You may be reading this and thinking… “Duh. This is basic stuff.” 

Buuuuutttttt… Are you doing it? Are you using these simple mind focus and accountability tools?

They are at your disposal anytime.

I don’t know about you,  but I get preeettyy irritated when I realize that I have been putzing around for an hour without actually getting anything on my list done!

Whether you are avoiding the task or just having trouble focusing today, why not try it? See if these tools will work for you!

And if you are not sure WHAT should even be on your to-do list today, then I GOT YOU, girl!

Need a little clarity, strategy, and accountability? I got you!

Book a ‘mini’ Brilliant Brain Bursts this week.

These 30 minute sessions are totally FREE!  

‘mini’ Brilliant Brain Bursts are 30 minute coaching sessions where we dive into your MOST pressing need in business and pinpoint at least one priority to make in your business to reach your goals. And did I mention that it is FREE?????

Grab your spot HERE!!!!

Need more than 30 minutes? Let’s chat about working together to help you get the clarity, strategy, accountability, and confidence you need and crave!

This is what one of my clients have said after working with me for a few weeks.

“Lani’s an intuitive coach who can sniff out when you’re not being honest with yourself or when you can’t quite pinpoint where it is that you want to go. That’s one of the reasons she was the perfect match for me, along with the fact that she held me accountable and kept me moving forward. I’m an all-over-the-map kind of person and I appreciated Lani’s smart advice on ways to reign that in. She’s a dream coach and is worth every penny!” – Kristan B.

I’m here, cheering you on! Reminding you that you GOT THIS!

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