Hey Mompreneur!

Whether you are just starting your business or scaling to six figures & beyond you can have the freedom you crave to build the business of your dreams, without mom-guilt.

Whether you are starting just starting your business or scaling to six figures & beyond you can have the freedom you crave to build the business of your dreams, without mom-guilt.

I see you, mama!

...juggling business and babies and craving freedom and flexibility!

What would happen if you ditched self-doubt, inconsistent income, and mom guilt?

What if you were EMPOWERED
to shift to a new mindset of belief in your zone of genius,
created systems that gave you flexible business strategies,
and saw powerful movement towards the income you dream of for your family

You can have consistent monthly income, an impactful business, and confidence to build a profitable business!

I did (as a mom of 6) and I’ll show you how! Here’s my simple framework: the M.O.M. Method!

M. is for Mindset

Everything starts with your thoughts. Want to change your life? Change your thoughts first! Acknowledge the overwhelm, ditch the never-ending To Do list, and SHIFT the narrative to believe you CAN have the business you dream of and the FREEDOM you want for your family

O. is for Operations

Set up strategic week to week systems that maximize your time & energy. You will be able to scale with processes that are trackable, doable, repeatable, & flexible.

M. is for Movement

Have confidence that every small & big action you are taking each week is moving you closer to your goals! No more imposter syndrome & shiny object distractions… See consistent income growth month over month

With a flexible strategy you can lean into your zone of genius with small actions that work with your limited time and take you to the goals you have for your family and your income dreams.

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Empowered to Profit M.O.R.E.

INTRODUCING EMPOWERED TO PROFIT MORE! A signature program designed for mom entrepreneurs who are ready to create a life and business they love by empowering themselves to create a customized strategy that brings profit in time, energy, fulfillment, and income.

1 on 1 Coaching

Want VIP private coaching? This is a high touch strategy and coaching program designed for those who want next-level support and are ready to invest in their business and are hungry for BIG growth, action, & support

Social Proof

"I'm so blessed to have Lani on my team as my coach. She is compassionate, patient, & realistic combined with intelligence, wit, & creativity. My mind is running 100 miles per hour and she helps me keep all my goals in their lane. We have been working together for 3 months now, and I have seen a difference in my goal performance. She lays out the practical aspects of your business goals and trajectory and helps you navigate strategically. She was instrumental in helping me launch my Contract Template Shop! Lani has helped turn my vision and dreams into a reality."
Girija Testimonial
"Before I met Lani, I had no idea how to turn my blog into a business. I knew it could be done, I just didn't know how to get from blogging as a hobby to building an actual blogging business. With Lani's help I was able to create systems to grow my blogs traffic and my income. But she is so much more than your average coach, Lani is more like an older sister. She is my sounding board, she's the person who encourages me to reach my goals but still keeps me realistic. So if you are like me, you know you need some guidance, someone you can trust and someone who genuinely cares, then you need to hire Lani as your coach. Also I wanted to say I was really hesitant to spend the money to hire a coach, but I have made that money back and then some."
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