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Ep. 116 Spilling the deets on my Facebook Group 3 Year Birthday

with Lani Jackson

I can hardly believe it, we’re celebrating the three-year anniversary of the Brilliant Mompreneurs Facebook group, coinciding with the beginning of this podcast!

In this episode, I’m excited to share insider details about the group’s journey, from the good behavior to the bad and ugly, revealing the strategies that helped us reach 6,000 active members!

As we dive into the celebration, I reflect on the intentional creation of the group and its uniqueness as a community for mompreneurs. I wanted to establish an environment that reflected what I had sought in other groups—a place for mompreneurs to discuss business, juggle responsibilities, and freely share, connect, and promote without fear of judgment.

Addressing the question of whether Facebook groups are still relevant, I can attest that they indeed are, with billions of people on the platform and a significant number engaged in groups. This episode shares the intentional design of the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society, emphasizing the importance of community, encouragement, and self-promotion.

Discussing growth strategy, I reveal a 10-minute daily marketing approach that has consistently expanded the group. I also let you in on the secret to how you can tap into that high engagement rate within your community.

As we celebrate the group’s three-year journey, I’m excited to announce giveaways and activities, including a #celebration campaign, a discounted mini-course on growing Facebook communities, and free live coaching sessions for selected participants.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join the celebration, participate in the giveaways, and be apart of the exciting journey ahead in the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society.

“The Brilliant Mompreneurs Society isn’t the Lani Jackson show; it’s a place where mompreneurs can freely share, connect, and promote without fear.

It’s about encouraging one another, making connections, and celebrating wins without judgment or scarcity.

Discussed in this Episode...

What makes the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society

Is it worth it?

  • Absolutely!
    • It creates
      • Impact
      • Community
      • Leads
    • Facebook actually prioritizes groups in your feed!


How much effort does it take?

  • You can grow your audience in just 10 minutes a day
    • Using 10 in 10 Connect
      • Also keeps engagement up


Is it a Money Maker?

  • Yup!
    • Grew my email list
    • Gained Leads for Empowered to Profit M.O.R.E.


Celebrate with me!

  • Make a post in the group
    • Include: #celebrate
    • Tell us what you love about the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society
    • Every time you use #celebrate
      • You’ll be entered into a giveaway for a prize


Opportunities for you

  • How to grow a Thriving FB group full of your ideal clients – mini course just $23 (normally $97)
  • Apply for a FREE LIVE Coaching Spot!!!
    • Want support?
    • Want to work through a block?
    • Want to strategize 2024?
    • Need support with your offer, pricing, messaging?
    • Apply at
      • SIX spots available

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