Ep. 120 The Journey to an Evergreen, High Profit Business with Nicole Culver

with Lani Jackson

Nicole shares her journey of transitioning from operating a food business to becoming a business coach. She speaks about the ups and downs of her entrepreneurship journey, emphasizing the importance of persistence and pre-planning for long-term business operations. She highlights the challenges faced in her food business and how that has impacted her business today.

She details the concept of an “evergreen model” – a system where companies are prepared to sell and deliver products all the time. Nicole explains how this strategy is more sustainable compared to the high-pressure scenario of trying to make all sales within a specific launch period.

We touch on the importance of attuning listening skills for better customer interaction and adjusting business strategies based on the changing needs of the clients all while balancing motherhood.

If both motherhood and entrepreneurship apply to you, you can’t separate the two. Nicole discusses at length about how she successfully manages these two vital roles. Additionally illustrating the necessity of learning from past experiences, being adaptable, resilient, and having long-term perspectives in running a successful business.

“I’ve seen people come in and make fast cash and then they’re gone, literally the next year.

Whereas I will be around for a very long time because of how I’ve run my business and because of how I’ve grown my business.

About Nicole

Transforming the approach to evergreen sales, Nicole Culver, CEO of Elevate, empowers founders with the strategy, tools and mindset needed to have wildly profitable fun businesses so they can be cycle breakers. Using her savvy as a master mindset coach and former teacher, she advocates a revolution in work-life balance, making full-time income achievable on part-time hours. Committed to her mantra “Life gets to be so good,” Nicole empowers her clients to make their dreams a reality. Away from the hustle, she’s a coffee-loving mom of three, cherishing every moment of her journey.

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