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Ep. 111 The importance of looking at your money and making it work for you

with Katy Almstrom

Do you know how to make your money WORK for you and your business?

Pivoting from teaching in the classroom to teaching & coaching money mindset & management, join me as our special guest speaker Katy Almstrom shares all the tips and strategies on how you can make your money work better for your business!

Her first tip is to actually LOOK at your money! Listen in and find out the other surprising but really powerful, tips she gives that will have you keeping more of your money in your pocket every month.

There is so much to unpack with this episode – you are sure to walk away with lots of gold nuggets of knowledge!

“99% of money stress comes from not knowing where money is going or how we’re going to pay for things.

When you know what’s going on and you know what the role of your dollar is, it allows you to plan things out so much easier.

About Katy Almstrom

Katy is a leading money mentor and wealth coach, a teacher and speaker who works with ambitious women who are ready to steward their money in their business and life by creating a sustainable strategy, simplify their process, and build limitless confidence in their money habits and behaviors.

With over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching combined with her own debt-free entrepreneurial journey and simplified life, Katy provides a unique service for her clients to help them slow down, map out their own joyful wealth-building journey, and create a life that has WAY less stress around money.

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