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Ep. 110 How to deal with the mom guilt and your business dreams

with Emily Gorrie

Are you feeling like you just can’t let anyone see the real version of you? Are you stuck thinking that only the buttoned up, clean cut, all business look is the only way you will be taken seriously? Do you feel like you need to pretend that you aren’t a wife, mother, or caregiver so that people don’t find out you are actually living a life outside your business ventures?

My discussion with Emily Gorrie sheds some light on just that. Join us as we discuss how to break out of those narratives and discover that you are not alone! I think you’ll find that there are a lot more of us out there that feel the same way you do. Let’s unpack this together.

We’re not the same, but we are still worthy of having passions and facets of our lives that don’t include motherhood.

Although, it’s through the lens of motherhood that our priorities shift at that point.

Discussed in this Episode...

Do you feel 

  • Alone
  • Isolated 
  • Frustrated
  • Stuck
  • Like you must
    • Get 48hrs out of your 24hr day
    • Keep your kids out of your business
    • Keep your business out of your home


Mom Guilt

  • Do you feel
    • You aren’t showing up like you should
    • You need to put everything on hold in your life because you became a mom
    • Guilty that you don’t want to be a stay at home mom


It’s okay to

  • Have other people around you to support you
  • Not do it all by yourself
  • Not do it exactly how your mom did it
  • Have a (outside of being a mom)
    • Desire
    • Dream
    • Hobby


Don’t limit yourself

  • There is not just one way to be a good mom
  • It doesn’t have to be done like others have done it


Talk about it

  • How did you expect for things to play out
  • How did your spouse expect things to play out
  • Try to get a clear understanding on what is actually working
  • Are you letting the same story play out your day
    • Does it have to happen that way
    • We can do it different


Are you self sacrificing

  • Did you put all your
    • Dreams
    • Goals
    • Ambitions
      • On hold when you found out you were starting a family
  • When you do this, you are setting yourself up for mom guilt


Becoming a mom is

  • Integrating a new level of multifacetedness for yourself
  • It’s not becoming one thing
  • Not just being a mom
    • You are still a
      • Woman
      • Wife
      • Person
      • Someone who enjoys things


Stop assuming motherhood means no dreams!

  • You don’t have to push pause
    • Reframe your mind
      • To hear the message that you can be multifaceted
  • Self sacrificing yourself until your child is 18 is outdated


How can we shift out of mom guilt

  • Recognize
    • Your feelings are real
    • They are valid
  • Action
    • Find people who
      • Will hear your story
      • Understand it
      • Has had the same experiences


Finding support

  • Find a mom group
  • You don’t have to find 3 best friends right off the bat
    • Just making connections with others allows for
      • Support in the moment you are in
      • The possibility to really become great friends
      • You to become unstuck in your own head
  • Sometimes the person you are reaching out to is not ready to open up
    • This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you
      • You are not in the wrong
      • They are going through their own struggles 
    • It just means they can’t give us the support we are looking for
      • And that’s okay
    • It’s okay to be a different kind of mom
      • Try another group


Set boundaries

  • For when you are going to
    • Work
    • Be with your family
  • Don’t ping pong back in forth in your mind
    • When you are working
      • Keep your thoughts about work
    • When you are with your family
      • Don’t think about work
      • Devote that time to them
  • Give yourself permission to respect your boundaries
    • Your family will learn to honor your boundaries too

More about Emily:

Emily is the voice behind the Project: Mom podcast, a podcast that shares the stories of women who are navigating the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship.   

She is a full time mom with a corporate sales and entrepreneurial background.  Her daughter, Olive, was born in Dec 2020 and her life has not been the same! The fact that she half expected it to return to normal is why Project: Mom exists.  

Emily is a huge believer in supporting moms who also have entrepreneurial dreams – we all deserve to make it.  So in addition to inspirational and motivational support through her podcast, she also offers tangible project based Virtual Assistant work.

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