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Ep. 112 How to use Human Design to create a Business you love

with Anna Nichols

This podcast episode features Anna Nichols, a human design mentor and business strategist. Listen in as Anna introduces the concept of human design, a self-awareness tool. 

Anna explains how human design reveals information about a person’s life purpose, decision-making process, and ideal environment. We discuss how human design is a tool for personal growth and self-discovery, and highlight the importance of alignment and authenticity in one’s journey to success. By understanding and applying human design, you can have greater clarity, alignment, and success in various aspects of life, including mom life and business.

“The hardest part of business is having faith in yourself.

The way you want to do it, is the right way.”

About Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols is a passionate Human Design business strategist, the founder of the Empowered Entrepreneur Method, and host of the Human Design Happy Hour.  By embracing her own Human Design, Anna has built an expert business dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs to uncover their unique gifts and create aligned businesses that they love. 

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