Ep. 113 Disrupting the narrative of overworking and exhaustion

with Lauren Monique McLoughlin

In this episode, my guest, Lauren Monique McLoughlin and I discuss the importance of implementing systems in your business. Lauren highlights the value of documenting processes, which not only improves efficiency but also helps in case someone else needs to take over the task. We emphasize on how creating systems and processes can be particularly beneficial for you as an entrepreneur who is growing your business and adding team members.

Our conversation also touches on the idea of starting small, being intentional about planning, and the importance of not jumping into work tasks without proper preparation. Lauren shares a valuable tip called the “Intentional 10,” which involves spending 10 minutes at the beginning of the week to plan and prioritize, saving time and reducing stress.

“The mistake that I see people make is they think it needs to be ONE way.

It’s about knowing YOUR level of flow to structure and creating a system that’s going to work for you, rather than you feeling like you can’t maintain it.

About Lauren Monique McLoughlin

Lauren is a Canadian mom of 2 and founder of the Intentional Teaching program. She helps French teachers streamline their teaching so that they they feel organized and prepared for school without working evenings and weekends… and so they can truly enjoy their work! Lauren also provides consulting work for coaches and course creators. She helps online business owners streamline their systems and processes so they can grow their businesses in less time.

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