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Ep. 114 Sell out your program or offer using PR

with Beth Nydick

In this episode, Beth Nydick shares her expertise on effectively using PR to sell out programs and offers for entrepreneurs, especially women and mothers. She emphasizes the importance of building know, like, and trust factor with your audience and explains various avenues to reach your ideal clients through platforms like podcasts, TV shows, and social media.

Beth encourages taking action, overcoming fears, and making a meaningful impact by sharing your story and offering valuable insights. Don’t miss this empowering conversation!

“If you go on a podcast without a plan of how you’re selling your products, it’s like getting behind the wheel of a car and not having a license.

About Beth Nydick

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, podcast host and magnetic business mentor. A big believer in the power of potential to catapult your business forward. Through her mantra of “Making Potential Possible”, she co-authored top-rated cookbook Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist, Beth has a 6th sense for Business and Strategy. She works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs to scale their business using media and strategy.

Beth shows her clients how to intentionally prepare their business and leverage exposure through collaboration and media so they can increase their credibility, acquire more clients and earn cash. As a result of working with Beth Nydick, her clients confidently appear on TV & Media with a solid business foundation while using media and strategy to scale their business.

Beth has been featured in OPRAH, Parade, Forbes, Inc., Nylon Magazine, Tori Burch, and Better Homes and Gardens plus appearances on The Drew Barrymore Show, WPIX NY and The Tonight Show.

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