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Episode 43: One Creative Mom Entrepreneur’s Journey

Finding a rhythm that works for YOU!

Hey BRILLIANT Mompreneurs!

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with the brilliant Kat Schmoyer about life as a multi-passionate mompreneur. In eight years she has built 4 brands from the scratch, had 3 babies, drank a lot of coffee, and had a lot of fun! Listen as we discuss everything from scheduling a maternity leave, to what inspired her different business ventures, to how to find the right business coach for you!

Why do you want to create that community in the first place? What is like the mission of that community? Just because someone's done it before doesn't mean you can't do it, so I'm not saying that. I do think it's helpful to understand though, what can set your community apart? What are you bringing to the table as the host of the community that can set that tone, and really allow for community to flourish? And it not just feel like another Facebook group, or another membership?

Discussed in this Episode...

How often does community come up when Kat is working with coaching clients?

The answer is: often! 

Community is really important! In this digital age where we’re getting hit with Facebook ads, and video content on Instagram, we can sometimes feel like we’re being sold to all the time. If you are thinking about or if you have a community aspect to your brand, that allows you a truly genuine space to not just uplift and encourage, but also to sell. Because you actually you have a product or a service that you can help those women or men with! 

If you’re considering building a community of your own, some things to think about would be why do you want to create that community in the first place? And what is the mission of that community? Just because someone has done it before doesn’t mean you can’t do it! But I do think it’s helpful to understand what can set your community apart? What are you bringing to the table as like the host of the community that can set that tone, and really allow for community to flourish? How will this not feel like just another Facebook group, or another membership or something like that?

Where does Kat host her community?

So within Creative At Heart, within their membership community, Kat has a Facebook group for the membership community. But outside of that, she feels like you don’t necessarily have to create a Facebook group. We have a love hate relationship with Facebook groups, depending on which one we’re in, or the day of the week. Kat is not someone that feels like you have to create a Facebook group, or you don’t have to necessarily do a certain thing. Honestly, she thinks that building an email list is a great way of forming community and so with the Kat Schmoyer brand, that’s what she has chosen to do! She encourages people to join her email list, not just because she has products and services, but because she genuinely wants to build a relationship. She has consistent content, and she has ways that she can pour into those women.

How do I know I'm ready to hire a coach or join a mastermind?

First of all, it doesn’t hurt to ask around! So ask, not just the actual coach when you’re inquiring, but try to find out who that coach has worked with. Whether you’re seeing referrals from the website, and you’re seeing testimonials, you can outright ask to see a handful of testimonials and get some feedback from past clients. Because, (and we’re saying this with all the love in our heart) a coach is going to sell you on their packet. A coach wants you to book with them, right? You want to make sure that they can really help you though. Don’t be afraid to ask things like “can you do what you did for her for me?” It’s okay to ask those questions! And to talk to others that have worked with that particular coach. 

It’s also important for you to understand what your expectations are in the coaching process. This is a question Kat asks all of my clients even before they book with her; because she wants to make sure she can measure up to those expectations! Kat’s coaching clients get Vox access. So if somebody says, “I expect you to respond to my Voxes every single day” she knows they are not a good fit for her

Kat has children, she doesn’t work every single day, it’s just the timing of it. And so then after finding out what their expectations are she can come back with resetting those expectations. And when you’re inquiring with a coach, really figuring out why. What is the heart of why you’re looking into this? And what is that expectation you have for how are you feeling now versus how you want to feel when that coaching experience is over?

A Few More Things we Discuess:

  • Kat’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • Planning a maternity leave while being a business owner
  • How Kat’s desire for community within her field inspired the creation of an in-person conference
  • When somebody may not be ready for coaching
  • What kind of entrepreneur is the right fit for Kat’s coaching?

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More about Kat Schmoyer:

Kat is a business coach, integrator for creatives & host of Creative at Heart! She loves helping creatives like YOU make dreams & daily happen through practical tips on goal setting & project management! She works from home with 2 littles under 4, is married to her high school sweetheart & watches Hallmark movies alllll year long! 

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