Double Your Income
without Doubling Your To-Do List

What if you could prove you are capable of building the business that makes $5k+ a month without the mom guilt?


Does it feel like you’re wasting your coffee buzz scrambling to send invoices, plan your social content and take the meat out of the freezer?

Frustrated because you finally sit down to your computer to get derailed with:

Drop it like it's hot!

You CAN ditch the overwhelm and create the business of your dreams
without adding more to your To-Do List

Any of these sound like someone's eavesdropping
on the million open tabs in your brain?

Myth 1

A paper planner is going to help you declutter your mind & your to-do list.


The problem is that your planner is shoved under the pile of laundry and you're at the grocery store, again.

You need a process that you can take with you for business and motherhood.

Myth 2

You’ll never be able to get your to-do list under control.


The problem is your to-do list feels about as manageable as your kids in the grocery store checkout line.

You need a repeatable process that you can check in on daily and feel confident you’re the one driving your business.

Myth 3

You can Google your way into learning what you need to in your business.


The problem is the journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship is the hardest one on the planet.

You need someone who has been where you are, grown many successful businesses and knows the steps to get you there as well.

Myth 4

I just need more self-care or to hire a nanny or social media manager, then my income will double.


The problem isn’t self-care or needing more help. Although, who wouldn’t love a Mother’s Day spent alone?

You need a repeatable process that you can actually stick to, without quitting something else.


The Profitable M.O.M. Club

A group coaching program for brilliant moms
who want to grow their business to $5k+ months while growing a family.

In this program you will learn how to:

It’s all possible with the Profitable M.O.M. Club


Here's How the Profitable M.O.M. Club works:


Mama, you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you are going to balance mom life and a growing business, you’re not good enough to do this, and let's not even bring up mom guilt!

That’s why we start with mindset first. Diving deep into the big feelings that leave us feeling like we are drowning.

No more letting everyone "Should" on you! YOU get to decide what your business looks like and what goals & dreams are important to you.

Starting with the right mindset will build the foundation for your growth moving forward.

Lani Jackson - Coach for Moms
Lani Jackson Mom Coach Blog


Next, we implement operations that works to grow your business between carline and naptime. It’s not a one size fits all business plan.

You need actual steps to grow your email list, connect with people who need your VA work, your blog, or any of your services. Get started with a step by step plan that fits you.

Start each week knowing what to do, from taking the meat out of the freezer to what to say on a sales call (because there will be more of those happening.)


Now that you have the mindset and the steps to get there with operations… It's time to make movement forward with marketing, growth, and income!

No more guessing where to go when you open your laptop. No more getting lost in Facebook groups. Just straightforward movement in your business by marketing to the RIGHT people.

Double your income because you’ve narrowed down your to-do list, are clear on your audience and have an easy, doable system that will take you to those 5k months.

Know who you are marketing to, have confidence in yourself and you’re on your way to hiring a housecleaner or a VA. You pick. Maybe both!

Get started today for just $197 $97 per month


The Profitable M.O.M. Club includes:

Here's How the Profitable M.O.M. Club works:

Look how Katie & Stephanie used the M.O.M. Method:

"...once I started working with Lani Jackson back in April of this year I became clear on my goals and what is most important to me. Lani has been such an incredible support to me as I navigate starting my business while being home with two toddlers. What I love about working with Lani is that she truly cares about and understands my struggles and she wants to see me succeed. Something that Lani initially helped me out with was creating a schedule and that has helped me tremendously! I have my set times that I work now and although its not easy and often times I'm tired I feel a lot less overwhelmed with everything that's on my plate. I highly recommend working with Lani!" -Katie Z.

"Before I met Lani, I had no idea how to turn my blog into a business. If you are like me, you know you need some guidance, someone you can trust and someone who genuinely cares then you need to hire Lani as your coach. Also, I wanted to say I was really hesitant to spend the money to hire a coach, but I have made that money back and then some." - Stephanie

Profitable M.O.M. Club is for you if...

What would be possible for you in 6 months if you had the support you needed to grow a 5k+ a month business without sacrificing time with your family?


Alright Lani, I hear you...

But why trust you with my business?

I've tried other programs & paper planners and learned all the things...

So why you?

Hey Mama,

I’m a mom to 6 kiddos and master of the balancing act. I spent 10+ years running businesses of my own that included non-profits, Virtual Assistant, blogger, brick and mortar and more. You name it, I’ve done it.

I know what it feels like to drag yourself to bed at night and worry if you spent enough time with your kids, but also… listening to all the voices of the webinars I had watched that day.

I knew something needed to change, and that getting all of my ideas out on paper didn’t mean those things would actually get done. It meant, I wrote it down and forgot about it.

I began this coaching business because I believe it's time moms stop trying things and quitting simply because they feel like something is wrong with them.

Join me on the journey
from scattered brain to a doubled income.


"Lani’s an intuitive coach who can sniff out when you’re not being honest with yourself or when you can’t quite pinpoint where it is that you want to go. That’s one of the reasons she was the perfect match for me, along with the fact that she held me accountable and kept me moving forward. I’m an all-over-the-map kind of person and I appreciated Lani’s smart advice on ways to reign that in. She’s a dream coach and is worth every penny!"
- Kristin B

I see you. I know you.
I've been you.

And, the only way you’d risk trying something again is if you knew for certain the M.O.M. Method would give you tools that are easy and repeatable to double your income without doubling your to-do list.

Imagine this... don’t quit on me now… keep reading.

What if it were possible to prove to everyone (especially yourself and your kiddos) that what you’re doing is more than just a hobby, but a real business?

Maybe you’re gaining traction and you want to hit those $5k or $10k months. It’s possible, mama. It’s possible to double your income without doubling your to-do list.

What if flying by the seat of your pants changes to flying through nap time knowing the exact tasks to tackle when you open your laptop?

Maybe you still have some questions.
Maybe you’re on the fence (that’s what life feels like right now anyway)

Or maybe you need the quick answers because you’re running to pick up that last minute thing for a science fair project…


How much time and energy do you have during naptime to figure it all out, and give yourself the strategy to implement it all… plus accountability? Mama, if you’re asking this question, consider us carline buddies. Yes, many of the things I teach can be found on Google. But, if you’re ready to slow the roll in being a Google ninja… it’s time to join us.

Investing in your business isn’t an option if you want to grow. It’s also one of the first things I did to begin taking ownership in my own success. But once you’ve joined the payment plan, or paid in full, there are no further costs.

Starting with these strategies and accountability in place will help you make faster momentum in your business than you would alone. I’ve helped moms who have no audience and also those moms who have multiple figure months. These strategies work for any business owner willing to commit to herself, and not give up.

You have access to me as often as needed in the Facebook group. I’m there to support you with your questions. You also get access to the group coaching session each month.

Stop wasting time trying to Google your way into growing your business


"I'm so blessed to have her on my team as my coach. She is compassionate, patient, and realistic combined with intelligence, wit, and creativity. My mind is running at 100 miles per hour and she helps me keep all my goals in their lane. We have been working together for 3 months now, and I have seen a difference in my goal performance. She lays out the practical aspects of your business goals and trajectory and helps you navigate strategically. She was instrumental in helping me launch my Contract Template Shop! Lani has helped turn my vision and dreams into a reality." - Girija

Ready to get started?

Just $197 $97 a month

SAVE $600 on your a six month subscription

*It's my intention for you to be happy with the Brilliant Mompreneurs Club. However, because this package involves a considerable amount of my time and effort, you are required to commit to the full six months. If you decide to withdraw at any time, you are still responsible for making all program payments and no refund will be provided.


You Made It This Far:

Let's Talk!

You don’t believe that you can reach the big dreams you have for your family.

You’ve been drowning in mom-guilt, frustrated with your never-ending To Do list and tired of spinning your wheels in your business and in mom life, so why should this be any different

When you look deep into the WHY you haven’t gotten the results you wanted in the past, do you see a pattern?

Maybe you weren’t ready to commit to making the changes you needed to. Maybe you had infants and they were your first priority. Or maybe you just didn’t have the support you needed.

Investment in our children is not an option, it is a given.

There is no hesitation in investing in our children. 
It’s not a question of whether or not they can do it or if it is worth it.

Is it time to invest in yourself without hesitation?

Is the Profitable M.O.M. Club exactly the kind of support you have been missing? 

Are you ready NOW to stop the cycle of mom guilt, overwhelm, and frustration that you aren’t making the income you KNOW you can? 

Are you ready to make a change? 
Are you all in, with no Plan B?

Then the CLUB is right for you!

If you are READY to reach multiple 5 figures a month, AND drop the overwhelm and mom guilt?
Then, I KNOW the CLUB will transform your life!

Still Have Questions?

If you still have any unanswered questions

Let's hop on a call and ask me anything!