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Ep. 108 Create massive growth through connecting and investing with Lori Gasca

with Lori Gasca

Today we have Lori Gasca with us to talk about how to create massive growth through connecting and investing. Lori is a serial lifelong entrepreneur, who has been trying to make money since she was little. She would even drag her toys in a wagon to the local consignment shop of her little country town square to sell her toys. She was determined to make money back then and still is today.

Lori shares her story and how it’s taken 53 years to really make her the woman she is, and to give her the confidence to be able to show up and do the things that feel sometimes scary and out of her comfort zone. She feels passionate about bringing her experience to any woman who wants to hear it, just to bring them freedom to be able to step into their passions, their dreams, and their goals.

Discussed in this Episode...

Behind every success there is failures

  • Nothing is a true failure if you can learn from it
    • You can take what failed and find out what
      • Worked
      • Really didn’t work
      • You love to do
      • You don’t love to do


Sometimes what you are doing is just not aligning

  • You might not love what you’re doing and need to make a change
    • Not everyone is going to be happy about it
      • You need to be okay with not everyone being happy about it
      • It is not selfish to think about yourself
  • Use this guide
    • Is it worth it to fight for it?
    • If it’s not worth it
      • Then you bless and release, and let it go


Sometimes throwing in the towel too soon is the biggest mistake

  • It’s always hardest right before that breakthrough happens
    • The breakthrough might just be a shift in
      • Mindset
      • Our Viewpoint
      • Ourselves
  • You may need to
    • Talk to a coach
    • Have a 3rd party objective view


You need to get everything out of your brain

  • Write things down in different categories
  • Get someone that has the same synergy as you to
    • Brain storm your ideas
    • Help organize your thoughts
    • Give you relief from the burden of all your ideas
    • Help you prioritize

Too many times we say ‘yes’ in life out of

  • Guilt
  • Pressure
  • Some sense of false obligation


Where are your 24 hours a day going?

  • Where can you step away from something you’ve said yes to?
  • Where have you said ‘yes’ out of guilt?
  • What can you let go?
    • You will be setting an example for all the women around you
      • To say ‘no’ to things
      • It allows someone who truly has the heart for it
        • To step into that role

When frustration and unalignment comes up

  • Step back and ask yourself
    • Is there something else going on
    • Is it just me
    • Is it because I’m tired
    • Do I just want something else
    • What about my family

You have permission to shift

  • You can realign for
    • You
    • Your family


You are a whole women

  • You can’t separate the fact that you are a
    • Mom
    • CEO
    • Wife
    • Businesswoman
  • You are all of those things all the time


Every time you suppress your natural creation

  • You build a wall
  • Shut down parts of our brain that are necessary for us to do well in
    • Business
    • Life

What is the situation

  • How can we shift it
  • What part do you not enjoy
  • What part of it are you not liking
  • What part is truly against your alignment
  • What part of it is just circumstantial right now


When you show up

  • Repel as many people as you attract
    • Because what you are doing is creating
      • Your true tribe
      • Your true community
      • Clients that really want to work with you
  • Sometimes we throw a wide net to
    • Be relatable to everyone
    • Get all these
      • Clients
      • Followers
    • When in reality we need to be catching people with a pole


Ask yourself: Who is the specific person you need to ____ with today

    • Work
    • Connect


Womens Growth Summit

  • It’s about
    • Growth
    • Not staying where you are
    • Coming in one way and walking out another
    • A woman who’s not afraid to tap into those
      • Emotions
      • Scary dark places we have hidden deep
  • Theres’s something powerful about in person events
    • You get the opportunity to have trajectory changes
      • And be with other people making those changes
  • The next summit is happening
    • Jan. 26th, 2024
    • Near Houston, TX

Most of us are stuck in poverty mindset and think we can’t invest in ourselves

  • We think of our business as a hobby
  • You can continue in that mindset
    • Without a coach
    • But you will hit a level that you will not go beyond
    • Unless you are willing to invest in yourself


If you are not in a state of constant improving and learning, you will hit a limit

  • You can stay small
    • And play small
  • You can pay to play
    • And play big

More about Lori:

From the front porch of her childhood home in a small Texas town, she could see the church where she learned about Jesus and her faith began to take root. When she went to college, the shock of city life was real when her first class at The University of Texas in Austin was larger than her entire town. She made it through the 4 years and upon graduation, she got a wild hair and went to Mexico to study Spanish. Her 2 week trip turned into 8 months and an engagement to her husband of now 30 years. She and Michael created their home in Texas and raised 4 beautiful, unique children who all share their sense of adventure and faith.

Never shying away from a challenge, Lori’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to create a wide variety of businesses including, but not limited to, baking cakes, a public relations company, and becoming a highly sought after faux painter. Some of those endeavors have been very successful and some not so much. The setbacks, the trials and the successes are what she draws upon to mentor women today. She finds it an honor to inspire them to embrace their value, boldly take initiative and turn dreams into reality.

One of her most rewarding endeavors is The Grove Workspace for Women, a boutique, female-focused coworking space she created out of a personal need. Then in January 2023, a long time dream came true when she hosted the inaugural “Growth Summit” where women are able to connect on a soul level, be inspired to think outside of the box, and grow to places they only dreamed of. In an effort to connect women of faith all over the world, she will be launching “The Hub: Connecting Christian Women” very soon as a virtual platform for women desiring to grow in their faith and business to make an IMPACT in their own life, community, and world.

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