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Hey BRILLIANT mamas! On today’s episode of The Brilliant Mompreneurs Podcast, we are joined by Evie and Sarah. They are mothers, authors, and best friends, as well as totally synchronized business partners OWNING their zone of BRILLIANCE. Evie and Sarah are parent coaches and hosts of the Modern Manners for Moms & Dads Podcast. They walk us through the beautiful journey of how they became friends and what it means to truly encourage and empower your business partner. They took risks and had their share of hardships, but it’s evident in their energy and confidence that teamwork really does make the dream work!



Guest(s) Bio

Dr. Sarah Davis and Evie Granville, M.Ed., are the authors of the book Modern Manners for Moms and Dads: Practical Parenting Solutions for Sticky Social Situations. Real-life best friends and moms to six young kids, their advice has been featured by Parents, MSN, The Washington Post, Associated Press, Reader’s Digest, and other major media outlets. Evie and Sarah are also the creators of the Solar System Parenting Framework, which helps parents and caregivers learn how to prioritize their own needs, their child’s, and everyone else’s in social situations. Their five-minute quiz gives parents a springboard to finding confidence and clarity, so they’re never caught with their metaphorical pants down.


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