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Hey BRILLIANT mamas! On today’s episode of The Brilliant Mompreneurs Podcast, we are joined by Nicole Gradeless, creator of “Hello Happy Mom”. She gives moms product recommendations to make every day life easier. Nicole discusses how she started sharing reviews and her passion for helping others. She also provides BRILLIANT tips for social media content creation. Nicole’s message to mamas is to not let fear hold you back from doing something, and that being consistent brings growth. 

Guest Bio

Nicole Gradeless is a mama raising 3 kiddos in San Antonio, Texas. She works from home in the affiliate marketing field and loves sharing pieces of her life with her online community.

Connect with Nicole:




BRILLIANT Recommendations:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: www.shopstyle.it/l/bsQNs (affiliate link)

Nicole’s “What’s In Your Bag Wednesday”: www.instagram.com/hello_happy_mom

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