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Episode Summary:

Hey mamas! On today’s episode of The Brilliant Mompreneurs Podcast, we are joined by my dear friend and client, Girija Patel, your legal BFF! Girija is a brilliant mother of two and lawyer based out of Houston, TX.  She has a podcast of her own, Law Chat with Girija, that launched in 2020, so make sure to check it out! Girija shares with us her journey from being an ADA, to becoming a lawyer who specializes in helping creatives, startups, and entrepreneurs build a strong legal foundation. She walks us through what it was like entering into motherhood, and how she found the balance between demanding hours, mom guilt, and building a business around the need for legal representation in the creative space. Tune in today!

Guest Bio: 

Girija Patel is a lawyer for entrepreneurs and creative business owners. She makes business law easy and stress-free by breaking down intimidating (but important!) law topics into understandable bits and implementable tasks. This allows business owners to build a solid legal foundation while keeping their focus and energy on their true passion and purpose. Girija also has a ready-to-use template shop, Your Contract Buddy, that provides solid legal contracts for creatives, and is the host of Law Chat with Girija Podcast.

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Your Contract Buddy

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