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Episode Summary:

Hey BRILLIANT mamas! Have you heard about the Enneagram? Do you know your number? Today’s guest, Alex Fittin, a certified Enneagram coach, dives into the Enneagram, what it is, why you should know your number, and how to use that knowledge to help you grow your business.


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About the Guest:

Alex Fittin is an adoptive and bio mom and wife living in Northwest Arkansas. She is passionate about helping women feel connected and empowered to do this Kingdom work called adoption. She and her husband Bryan get to raise three (THREE!) littles who are all less than a year and a half apart in age. They also have the privilege of walking alongside their adopted teen as he navigates his own story. In 2017, Alex started The Adoptive Mom Podcast as a way to reach more women (and men!) on their own adoption journey and bring some hope and encouragement their way while she’s at it.

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