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Ep. 75 Why Community should be a part of your 2023 business strategy!

with Lani Jackson

Hey Brilliant Mompreneurs!

Should starting a community be a part of your 2023 business strategy?
How do you create a Facebook Group full of your ideal clients?

It’s the 2nd anniversary of the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society and I am sharing this bonus episode with all the details of how I grew the Society, why it’s important to my business strategy, and how important community will be in 2023!

“I started this community with purpose, and I will tell you that’s the number one thing I’m gonna tell you. If you have been thinking about a community or maybe have one and you’re just not sure what you’re doing with it or how it’s impacting…

You really have to have a clear and defined purpose for your community in order for it to do what you want it to do. You’ve gotta tell it what it’s going to do, and you have to know what you want from it.”

Discussed in this Episode...

Listen as Lani shares:

Why it’s going to be important in 2023?
– People will buy, but they need more confidence in you
– a gathering place for your people who find you.
– Know, like and trust factor is more important than ever
– Nurture your audience
– IG is making communities and fully expect more platforms to create community places

What has been the best part of the Society?
– Having a place where I can send moms I meed
– Showing my authority
– Nurture, encourage
– Draw from the group new clients

How did it grow?
– Marketing strategy
– Clearly defining how the group will benefit the moms in it
– Create an enticing opportunity for them

How are you keeping the engagement high?
– Make community actual community and not a podcast or blog for YOU
– You have to offer opportunities for conversations
– Excitement, freedom, energy (you dictate the energy)

More about Lani:

Lani is a mom to 6 kids, and wife to her husband of 15 years. She survives on caffeine, laughing with her kids, cooking in the kitchen, hiding in the pantry eating chocolate, and helping other women know they are not alone in the chaos of motherhood & their entrepreneur journey.

She is a Clarity & Strategy Coach for mom entrepreneurs! Helping them to create flexible strategies that adjust and move with the chaos of mom life, but still bring consistent monthly income. Her mission is to help mompreneurs get out of survival mode, release the mom guilt, and create a clear plan of action that will help them reach their dreams of consistent monthly income, flexibility, and freedom.

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