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Episode 47: Summer Proof Your Business - Week 3

Use May to set your summer up for success!

Hey BRILLIANT Mompreneurs!

We’re diving into week three of Summer-Proof Your Business Bootcamp! This month is all about setting you up for an amazing, brilliant summer that is profitable, memorable, and tons of fun! We started being a Mompreneur so that we could have ease, fun and availability in our life and business; so let’s take advantage of it! It’s not going to just accidentally happen though, so that’s why we’re dedicating the month of May to getting all set up for an amazing summer!

"We started being Mompreneurs so that we could have ease, fun, and availability in our business. So let's take advantage of it! It will only happen if you do it purposefully. It's not going to just accidentally happen. It will happen if you purposefully plan!"

Discussed in this Episode...

Train Your Brain!

I want you to think about your brain. Work time for most of us is going to drastically shrink during the summer, so you need to be hyper focused when you do have the time to work. Many of us use the time our kids are at school to work, and now that they’re home we have much smaller pockets of time. Because you’re working in smaller chunks, you’re going to have to really put your blinders on and focus!

No following shiny objects, no getting distracted, no comparing yourself to everybody else! You, Mama, are brilliant! I know that you can train you brain to work differently! Even though you don’t have the large chunks of time you might have when the kids are school, and you may be working with noise in the background, your business can thrive this summer! This is just going to take strategy and focus.

What can tasks can you break down into bite-size pieces? If a task normally takes you an hour, how can you turn it into four, fifteen-minute tasks? I know it may not be ideal, but it is absolutely doable.

It's Okay to Slow Your Pace

This is not the best time to decide to launch seven different programs, or to write a quote course that is going to take all of your attention. You know, at the beginning of the bootcamp, we talked about really focusing on your income producing things that you already have going for you. Now is the time to lean into your current clients and expand the programs that you’ve already created. That is really going to be important! 

If you have a great idea, that doesn’t mean you have to do it today. You don’t have to do it all this week, or this month, because the summer is a busy time. So maybe you put that idea in a Trello board, and spend a little bit of time working on the planning, while you’re still able to continue to do the things that are income producing. Just don’t put pressure on yourself to jump all in and create this huge project. Really focus in and get clear on how much time you have. 

Find an Extra Hour

I want to challenge you to find an extra hour in your day. You might be thinking “Lani, come on! I’m not gonna find an extra hour of my day. There’s no way.” And I’m smiling, because that’s what I first said! I know this seems impossible, but I’m going to give you some tricks here and I want you to really take this seriously. I promise, I’m not going to make the day 25 hours long. This is more about taking back and hour of your time. Here’s some things that can give you back 15, maybe 10, minutes at a time. When you add them all up, suddenly you have an extra hour.

1. Get organized
We’re doing that right now! We’re getting organized. We’re identifying what we want to do, and we’re getting our actions clear on what we need to do during the summer. We started with that new Trello board I gave you for your weekly schedule. The first step organizing yourself is setting up what you need to do.
2. Identify your most productive time.
I really want you to look at what your most productive time of day is. Some of us just don’t do good first thing in the morning! So you need to really look at your most productive item of the day and then take advantage of it! Make that to-do list the night before, or the week before, so that instead of looking at like figuring out what do I need to do next you know exactly what you need to do.
3. Do Double Duty
Okay, so when I say double duty, I’m not talking about multitasking. One of the things I do that does double duty is I’ll pull content out of my weekly email, and that is also going to be my social media content. Or I’ll maybe record a podcast that turns into my email, which also turns into my social media content. See how it’s like repurposing all of the things? Find ways to create multi-purpose content!
4. Eliminate scrolling time
I know this is hard! Social media can be such a time-suck though. A mom friend of mine deletes all of her apps off of her phone every morning, at 9am. She outright DELETES THEM until the end of the day! So if she’s gonna get on social media, it’s going to be purposeful for her business. Maybe you don’t delete all your apps, but let’s be super conscious of when and how much time we are spending scrolling.
5. Batching your content
This is another great way to find a little bit of extra time! Batching works like this; I like to keep chocolate chip cookies on hand. If I’m going to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I know my family eats a whole batch a week, I want to make enough cookies for the whole month all at once. This way I’m not spending time and getting all the ingredients, making the dough, getting getting the oven warmed up and all of that. I can quadruple the batch and make all of them at once! That’s going save me time week after week. It might be a little more of an investment of time this week. But then the next three weeks I have that time back. This is one of my favorite tricks, and it works in business too! If you’re going to write social media content, why not write social media content for two or four weeks all at once? And then schedule it and you’re done for the month! That’s a huge relief and can give you back a lot of time.

More discussed:

  • Being extra purposeful with the time we have
  • How Lani personally minimizes 
  • Utilizing Free resources

More about Lani Jackson:

Lani is a mom to 6 kids, and wife to her husband of 15 years. She survives on caffeine, laughing with her kids, cooking in the kitchen, hiding in the pantry eating chocolate, and helping other women know they are not alone in the chaos of motherhood & their entrepreneur journey.

She is a Clarity & Strategy Coach for mom entrepreneurs! Helping them to create flexible strategies that adjust and move with the chaos of mom life, but still bring consistent monthly income. Her mission is to help mompreneurs get out of survival mode, release the mom guilt, and create a clear plan of action that will help them reach their dreams of consistent monthly income, flexibility, and freedom.

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