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Episode 46: Summer Proof Your Business - Week 2

Use May to set your summer up for success!

Hey BRILLIANT Mompreneurs!

Last week was all about setting your mindset, starting with your schedule, and adjusting your expectations. And now we’re going to pivot! We’re going to go into everybody else. When it comes to a great summer, you’re gonna really need to start with communication!

Join me for week 2 of the mom-friendly series I’m calling the Summer-Proof You Business Bootcamp!

"I want you to be able to make so many good memories, and to have time off, and to also see growth in your business this summer! And it will only happen if you plan now and you are purposeful with that!"

Discussed in this Episode...

Communication is really extremely important for everyone when it comes to planning for an amazing summer. What if before summer arrives, you, your partner, and your kids are all on the same page and know what to expect? It may feel overly simple, but take time to establish those expectations! When is vacation time? When is work time for mommy? What are the summer rules for the house? What is our routine? How many times could you ask for a snack? Let’s just have this communication from the get go, and everyone will know what is expected from them and what mom has committed to doing. 

Because if we don’t do this ladies, what’s going to happen is that we’re going to kind of spiral out of control. The kids will be asking a million questions, and will feel like they’re missing out on what they assumed was going to happen for their summer. You’re going to be busy trying to keep them entertained, and from eating you out of house at home. So, doing this communication right now, and making some plans right now and involving everyone in the house, will be a huge benefit to you.

Start with the calendar!

So I want you to start with a schedule for your family. I like to print off a calendar just for summer and put it up where everyone can see it. Take some time and mark off all significant dates in the summer; vacation, when family is visiting, when you’re going to the beach, when football season starts, anything that you know in advance is not a “normal” day.

Giving kids a visual is not only educational for them, because they’re learning to look at a calendar and mark off days, but is also gives them things to look forward to and get excited about.

Set some rules

Once you have your vacation time set up, you’re ready to start thinking about rules for the summer. You want to set up a daily routine for your family. I was just talking with a mom friend about how kids really thrive when they know they have your attention for a certain time of the day. My children understand that I’m going to be working for a little bit, and then I’m going to give them my attention. They have learned they can trust what I say and that I’m not lying and saying “give me five more minutes” 100 times. I’m not looking at my phone when I told them I would be present with them. They trust and respect the boundaries of my work time more, because they know they will have my full attention afterward. I want them to understand that there’s going to be some sort of routine to our day. I want them to know when I will be working, and when I will not be working, and it really helps to make a smoother summer!

Now is also the perfect time to have a conversation with your partner about their expectations for the summer. How you can divvy up responsibilities while the kids are out of school? Do you want to get away just the two of you for a weekend? Start working on your summer rules and schedule, and set yourself up for success.

Get the Kids Involved

The next thing up is to get the kids involved! As soon as your kids can talk, they can be involved with the planning of the summer! I found that as soon as my children were able to talk, communicating and involving them in our life gave them ownership and excitement. It really helped them to stay accountable and accept the things that we were implementing. If they’re involved in the process of the rules, setting the schedule and making plans for fun, you’re gonna find that most of the time your kids will be more willing to being held to the plan. They may even be excited to put the plans into action!

More discussed:

  • How I get the kids involved in our summer plans
  • Creating a daily routine for your summer
  • Setting summer rules and what ours look like
  • Snack ideas for the kids!
  • Easy ways to involve your kids in meal and household projects

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More about Lani Jackson:

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