Are you ready to take consistent action every week with a System that’s designed to walk you through each phase of creating a simple business growth strategy that will maximize your time, market your business, & work with your mom life?

Go from overwhelmed to profitable in your business with a system that will actually grow your business

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It’s your time to create a profitable, sustainable, full-time income while doing the work that you love and that has an impact WITHOUT compromising your family time or your values.

Stop trying to figure it all out on your own!

Stop reverse-engineering what other moms are doing when you don’t see the whole picture.

Let’s make your business work and sync up with your mom life through a proven, step-by-step system.

These are not unproven ideas — these are all the exact steps I and my clients have taken to reach monthly income goals, and even quit their day jobs, all while working within their limited time as moms!

That’s why I created the Profitable M.O.M. System to help moms like you.

The Profitable M.O.M. System is designed for mom entrepreneurs, like you, and will give you the tools you need to create a profitable, sustainable, full-time income while doing the work that you love and that has an impact WITHOUT compromising your family time or your values.


Ready to go from OVERWHELMED to Confident consistent growth?

(and you can do it all with the foundation you have already created in your business)


What is the Profitable M.O.M. System?

If you’ve ever wished that you could find a way to not feel constantly overwhelmed, get everything done within the margins of your day, and not suffer from mom guilt in the process, then this program was made for you.

Oh, not only that, but you’ll grow your business to bring in the real income that you have been dreaming of for your family!

Raising my hand here because…

I’ve been there too. I had enough of the overwhelm, mom guilt, and imposter syndrome and acknowledged that something had to change, I stripped everything in my business and mom life down. No more chasing freebies, and scrolling FB and believing that there was just not enough time.

I went back to basics, the bare bones, invested in REAL purposeful support & coaching, re-focused my priorities and simplified EVERYTHING…

… okay but how complicated is this?

Let me show you…

The Profitable M.O.M. System is based on the three parts of the M.O.M. Method

Mindset. Operations. Movement.


You want abundance, but the overwhelm and frustration is winning. The first step in the M.O.M. method is to acknowledge the overwhelm. Believe there can be a different story. Shift the narrative. And STOP "shoulding" on yourself

What you believe and repeat is exactly what is and will be. I’m not going to go all woo-woo on you. But I am FOR SURE going to insist that we don’t talk strategy, tools or anything else until we dive into our own heads and figure out what we are telling ourselves on repeat and working on changing that narrative FIRST.


Maximize your time with customized, strategic processes & systems that you can do day after day & week after week.

Create systems that give you confidence, maximize your time & energy and are customized to YOUR family life.

Once we work on our mindset and choose a new thought to begin to believe we can then set up a REPEATABLE system that will work for YOU. Not me and my six kiddos and crazy chaos. But you and your kiddos and your crazy chaos. A system that is repeatable, attainable, and sustainable.


No more getting lost scrolling for secret formulas or feeling frozen when it comes to doing the next thing in your business!

Take small action every day and find your business consistently growing. Enjoy flexibility in your strategy that adjusts to the chaos of mom life. Know that what you do in your business is resulting in growth & income

It won’t be enough just to think a new thought or to create an amazing Trello board system. You have to MOVE the system. Work it! Test it! Tweak it! Show up in it every week and see the amazing results it will offer you.


"Before Lani's help I felt Unorganized, Overwhelmed, and unaware of many of the ins and outs of blogging. Since working together, I have become far more organized, self employed (I left my job and started my own company), far more vision growth, and more time to spend with my family. My mindset for my self worth has changed dramatically. I used to doubt my impact and potential. Lani's faith in me helped me to achieve my goals and more." - Nicole from Hello Happy Mom

"(Lani) is my girl, friend, and coach! She’s awesome! 💯💯💯 Since dec 2019, she’s been my coach and she’s helped me to take my dreams and actually make them happen. I’ve been able to really define my business even more, started my contract template shop, and my podcast! Coaching is easy conversations about life goals and business goals and how we can make a game plan to attain them. I look forward to our weekly convos! She’s a great strategist, cheerleader, and friend!" - Girija from GBP Law


The first step is to Take Back Your Time. Create a weekly schedule that is manageable, maintainable, and taking you closer to your goals. 

We will dive deep into your Priorities. Get clear on your “Why” and break down your goals and dreams into actionable steps that will take you to the income you are want to see consistently in your business.

We ask the question, Who do I want to serve? And what do they want? We help you dive into Market Research that will be foundational for your marketing strategy

You’ll learn the strategy of Relationship Marketing which is a non-spammy, non-agressive approach that focuses on value & relationships first and converts to clients with ease.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of relationship marketing, we want you to keep nurturing your leads. We will teach you how to keep the conversation going and create connection to your audience without giving away your services or products or spending hours on social media.

The next module will focus on building community. Whether you are selling a physical or digital product or offering a service, creating community is a purposeful strategy that will create a pool of clients & customers to sell to every month.

As you build your community, we want you to build and leverage your authority. Using email & strategic content creation to teach your audience, draw in clients, and solidify that your name will be the first on their mind when they need your service or product.

This module focuses back on you as a mom and keeping harmony between your business and your mom life. As you implement the M.O.M. Method in your business you will be able to see the gaps in your home, and other areas of your life that you can create a new mindset on, implement a system of operations that creates ease and flow, and moves your family closer to your dream life.

And finally, now that you have a proven you can create a business strategy & plan that fits with your mom life, you’ll be able to audit & scale your business. Whether it’s bringing in your first virtual assistant to your team or creating a more streamlined workflow you will be able to use this system continue to maximize your time as your business grows and expands. 

And this is the point where you get to focus on serving your clients and building win-win relationships that result in new clients.

Trello Board Templates Included

Each module comes with a Trello board template and a video tutorial on how to customize the template to use it to grow & scale your business

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  • 9 modules with 24 video lessons
  • 10 Trello Board Templates with tutorials
  • Lifetime access and access to future update

Who is the Profitable M.O.M. System for?

… Bottom line, ANY MOM who has a business and family and wants to grow & scale her business with ease!

This course if for you if…

This course is not for you if…


You are done with Googling All.The.Things. and wondering if you should sign up for that course or download that "magical email sequence template" and you are ready to lean into your zone of genius instead of everyone else's framework that doesn't work for your mom life

You want someone who understands your priorities & limitations as a mom, but also your big goals & dreams for your business to help you with creating a flexible strategy that gives you freedom to be the mom you want to be & build the business of your dreams

You are tired of sitting at your computer and being frustrated that you either have way too much to do and not enough time to do it... Or you finally have the time to work on your business, but have no idea what to do first.

Never again will you feel like you are missing a secret formula, or that you have to choose between growing your business or being a good mom. You are going to ditch the feeling "that you don't know enough" or that you "don't have enough time" because you have the system you need to growing your business with confidence and flexibility.

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