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Ep. 86 Mastering the art of the follow up to create more sales

with Lani Jackson

Free stuff only goes so far… We want to get that initial connection with people, but it often takes more than one touch point in order for someone to trust us, to buy from us, to believe what we’re offering is going to solve their problem and is what they really want.

Follow up, intentional follow up is going to make a big difference. Huge difference to getting that sale and having that deeper conversation, which leads to that – ‘Yes!’

“There is a missing piece to our strategy if you aren’t including follow up. Follow up is game changer.

It keeps you connected to those leads to give them that reassurance that they’re going to be taken care of by you, that when they invest with you, when they finally pull the trigger and say, ‘yep, I’m ready’, they’re gonna see those results.”

Discussed in this Episode...

Listen as Lani shares:

Is there a missing piece to your strategy?


Why is follow up so important to include in your strategy?

  • It is a gamer changer piece
  • Helps keep you connected to those leads
  • Gives clients reassurance that they are going to be taken care of

Why more than one touch point is important

  • Free stuff only goes so far
  • Conversations can be really awesome but can end there
  • You want people to
    • Trust you
    • Buy from you
    • Believe that what you are offering is going to solve their problem

How do we do follow up?

  • Have intentionality
  • Set time aside to follow up

How do I know who I should follow up with?

  • Warm leads
    • People you have had conversations with
    • Someone who has come to a workshop you had
    • Attendees to an event you hosted
    • Someone you had a really good conversation thread with
      (A like on a comment is not considered a warm lead)

What to say to start a follow up

  • Hey, How’s it going?
  • Remember when we were talking about this?
  • How is that, what is the status of it? Are you making progress?
  • Do you still have this pain point?
  • How are you liking the free things that I gave you?

Follow up is just continuing the conversation!

The tricky parts to follow up

  • We are usually connecting online
    • Out of sight out of mind is a real thing
      • Make sure you are tracking your leads using Trello or something similar

When getting involved with someone you want

  • Somebody who is coming into your world
  • Someone who really has your interest in mind
  • To purchase from people that really want to see my success happen
  • Someone who can relate to me

When you follow up you

  • Make who you are talking to
    • Feel special
    • Feel important
  • Release a barrier for them to hear what you have to offer
  • You say: ”Here I am. I see you”

If you need support with this and don’t know how you’re going to do it, send me a DM saying: FOLLOW UP and let’s talk about it.

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More about Lani:

Lani is a mom to 6 kids, and wife to her husband of 15 years. She survives on caffeine, laughing with her kids, cooking in the kitchen, hiding in the pantry eating chocolate, and helping other women know they are not alone in the chaos of motherhood & their entrepreneur journey.

She is a Clarity & Strategy Coach for mom entrepreneurs! Helping them to create flexible strategies that adjust and move with the chaos of mom life, but still bring consistent monthly income. Her mission is to help mompreneurs get out of survival mode, release the mom guilt, and create a clear plan of action that will help them reach their dreams of consistent monthly income, flexibility, and freedom.

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