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Mama, you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you are going to balance mom life and a growing business, you’re not good enough to do this, and let's not even bring up mom guilt!

That’s why we start with mindset first. Diving deep into the big feelings that leave us feeling like we are drowning.

No more letting everyone "Should" on you! YOU get to decide what your business looks like and what goals & dreams are important to you.

Starting with the right mindset will build the foundation for your growth moving forward.

Lani Jackson - Coach for Moms
Lani Jackson Mom Coach Blog


Next, we implement operations that works to grow your business between carline and naptime. It’s not a one size fits all business plan.

You need actual steps to grow your email list, connect with people who need your VA work, your blog, or any of your services. Get started with a step by step plan that fits you.

Start each week knowing what to do, from taking the meat out of the freezer to what to say on a sales call (because there will be more of those happening.)


Now that you have the mindset and the steps to get there with operations… It's time to make movement forward with marketing, growth, and income!

No more guessing where to go when you open your laptop. No more getting lost in Facebook groups. Just straightforward movement in your business by marketing to the RIGHT people.

Double your income because you’ve narrowed down your to-do list, are clear on your audience and have an easy, doable system that will take you to those 5k months.

Know who you are marketing to, have confidence in yourself and you’re on your way to hiring a housecleaner or a VA. You pick. Maybe both!

Get started today for just $197 $97 per month

Stop wasting time trying to Google your way into growing your business

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Just $197 $97 a month

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*It's my intention for you to be happy with the Brilliant Mompreneurs Club. However, because this package involves a considerable amount of my time and effort, you are required to commit to the full six months. If you decide to withdraw at any time, you are still responsible for making all program payments and no refund will be provided.