Ready for MORE?!

It’s time to step into your zone of genius
and break free of business models
that no longer align with
your highest success.

It’s time to step into your zone of genius and break free of business models
that no longer align with
your highest success.


Maybe you’ve collaborated with a coach or tried a course that led you down a path that didn’t quite feel right.
In the realm of business, it’s not about a universal fit;
it’s about finding what suits you and brings out your brilliance.

That’s where I step in.

I help female entrepreneurs to expand their impact and ignite their income by creating customized strategies that are easy to implement because they were literally made for you.

Ready to expand your impact AND your income?

You’re in the right place.

Hi! I'm Lani!

I’m a wife, mother of 6, podcast host, and a business strategist for high-performing female entrepreneurs.

Raise your hand if you feel stuck or overwhelmed by ALL the conflicting business advice out there about how to get 10k months and beyond in your business.

It’s time to opt out of one-size-fits all frameworks and learn to craft your own momentum.

I believe business is simple.

You can build a customized business plan & strategy that fits with YOUR time, YOUR energy, YOUR zone of genius, and achieves your goals with ease.

I combine mindset, self-leadership, and creative strategy to help you grow your business with simple, strategic action.

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With a flexible strategy you can lean into your zone of genius with small actions that work with your limited time and take you to the goals you have for your family and your income dreams.

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Listen in as my guests and I share real life stories of building a business, experiencing growth, and sharing all the things building a life & business you love.


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Coaching that combines mindset, self-leadership, and creative strategy to guide you in growing your business through simple, strategic actions. If you're ready for MORE, explore my transformative programs she offers with support at every level of business.

I see you...

You’re hungry for more but feel stuck from trying to follow one-size-fits-all advice.

What if you could go from dreaming to DOING?

I help entrepreneurs get serious momentum by identifying their profit priorities and then helping them implement their personalized plan.

What my Clients are Saying

"I'm so blessed to have Lani on my team as my coach. She is compassionate, patient, & realistic combined with intelligence, wit, & creativity. My mind is running 100 miles per hour and she helps me keep all my goals in their lane. We have been working together for 3 months now, and I have seen a difference in my goal performance. She lays out the practical aspects of your business goals and trajectory and helps you navigate strategically. She was instrumental in helping me launch my Contract Template Shop! Lani has helped turn my vision and dreams into a reality."
Intuitive Empowerment Mentor
Lani is an absolutely magical coach and woman who has an incredible ability to see the bigger picture and vision of your business and of your dreams. She shows up with her expertise and knowledge and gives you the unique pieces you need to pull your creative vision together. Lani lets you take the reigns over your vision but gently guides you through the challenges and the successes with her experience and knowledge of online business. I've gone from feeling completely flustered and wanting to quit my business one year ago to feeling hopeful and excited about what I'm building long-term. I've also been able to truly step into my authenticity and the direction I feel called to go in.
Independent Podcast Network