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Episode Summary:

Hey there BRILLIANT mamas! This week I have a very special guest, Mrs. Elaine Jardon! We are talking all things CRM’s and Dubsado, Elaine will walk us through how Dubsado streamlined her business and allowed her to grow without hesitation. She shares her journey with starting her own business and then finding a way to organize it in a way that allowed her to manage her day-to-day. What mama doesn’t need a streamlined process right?! 

Tune in to grab some great pointers from Elaine on how to set up Dubsado and if you are interested in creating an account for your own Elaine has a promo code for you to use! THEJARDONGROUP

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About the Guest:

Elaine Jardon is the owner of the Jardon Group. She is the queen of Dubsado. Helping coaches and service providers set up a CRM system that makes the client experience smooth and amazing. She is a mama of two and brilliant at helping entrepreneurs save time.

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