I’m a strategy & clarity Coach who believes that a great strategy can clear up your head to give you the freedom and confidence to build an amazing business.

After being a virtual assistant, blogger, and public relations manager for over 8 years, I found my passion of brainstorming and diving deep in to the other entrepreneurs businesses.

I know what it is like to sit at your desk with a giant to-do list, a notebook full of ideas and overwhelm by the bucket fulls keeping me from moving towards your big dreams.

The Free Strategy & Priorities Guidebook has helped entrepreneurs kick overwhelms butt by breaking down their big dreams and goals into small, actionable steps that give confidence and clarity in your business.

But it wasn’t always this way…

A few years ago I was feeling frustrated, alone, and confused why I wasn’t seeing the growth that I wanted in my business.

I went to conferences, showed up at the webinars, took the courses, read all the blogs & articles, but I felt like I was still missing some secret!

Whenever someone launched a new course or announced a conference I would wonder if this was THE ONE that I needed to change my business. I would look at my measly budget and wonder if I should squeeze out another $700 to take that new course…

But, when I dove deep into that new course, I would realize that I already knew most of what they were teaching, in fact, I could teach the course!

So what was I missing? Was I just someone who have the right stuff? Was it me personally?

Of course not…

I was missing action. 

I had the big dream and the knowledge of how to do it, but I didn’t have the strategy or priority plan in place.

Life changing magic happened when I finally sat down, got rid of my never ending to-do lists, and broke down my days into small actions until they were no longer overwhelming.

This was a pivotal point in not just my business, but my personal life!

Nothing lights me up more than seeing other women find freedom and clarity when they ditch the overwhelm and find their priorities and strategy that works for them!

This is why I created the Strategy & Priorities Guidebook.

So many other women entrepreneurs have expressed the same feelings and frustrations that I experienced to me.

Whether it’s walking a fellow mompreneur through the guidebook, teaching a workshop, helping to brainstorm next steps, or coaching a boss babe on the journey of reaching her dreams, I am HERE. FOR. IT!

The ability to invest in your business in any way is a huge privilege. I am excited to see what you do next and would love to be a part of that journey.

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